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If you've ever made the mistake of buying a car that had one problem after another, you're not alone. According to consumers, there are many different cars from different manufacturers that don't make the grade when it comes to giving the driver a seamless experience. Today, your AMSOIL synthetic oil change experts in Clintonville are going to tell you about two cars to steer clear of and why. Most importantly, this will save you a lot of headache and money in the future because you will know not to buy a car solely based on a company's marketing strategies; instead, you will buy a vehicle based on its well-established track record.

2015 Jeep Cherokee

The most common problem faced by owners of this vehicle is the transmission giving up the ghost at less than 6000 miles on average. If the transmission doesn't outright quit on you, it stalls and bucks like a bucking bronco which causes the whole vehicle to shake when it finally changes gears. Since your vehicle can't live without a transmission, if you buy this vehicle and it does have a faulty transmission, the chances are it will be going in for mechanical surgery sooner than you would like it to, which means you won't have access to your brand new vehicle because of what, shoddy engineering practices? This is outright unacceptable and hopefully is addressed within a reasonable time frame because people simply deserve to get what they're paying for, especially when they are buying a brand new vehicle off the factory line. Also, it has been reported thatM's are spiking when downshifting from a higher gear which is causing slight acceleration. This is extremely dangerous because if you're downshifting and the car accelerates, your vehicle can cause you to rear-end another vehicle unintentionally, which you will ultimately be responsible for because it is your vehicle after all.

2015 Ford Fiesta

The common thread here seems to be transmission problems and the 2015 Ford Fiesta seems to have its share. With jerking, slipping, and hesitations being reported by owners of this vehicle from the company who first invented the car, you should be able to expect a bit more from this company. But, it is called a fiesta, so I guess it's having its own little party as it drives down the road. Don't BYOB to your Ford Fiesta party because drinking and driving is extremely dangerous! Tell that to the car! Unless the bottle you are bringing is some nice, sweet, AMSOIL synthetic oil in Clintonville.

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