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If your vehicle is currently parked away and will stay that way for awhile, you should provide certain maintenance to keep it from getting damaged. Learn how with this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville.

Chances are, give then situation the world is going through right now, you aren't moving your vehicle much. Still, while you may think it should be good parked in your garage for a couple of months, the truth is that inactivity and misuse can also be damaging to some of the components in your vehicle. That's why, to guarantee that your vehicle will be ready to go once you can ride it freely again, you should perform a few maintenance tasks. Learn what they are through the post below.

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Car Care Tips for When You Aren't Using It

Keep Your Battery Charged

As you know, your battery is one of the most important components in your vehicle, as it is in charge of powering a few key elements and features on it. It's so important, in fact, that your vehicle won't even turn on if it's not in good condition. And unfortunately, this is a situation that could present itself while  your vehicle is inactive: the battery loses charge after awhile of inactivity. To avoid this, you just need to let your engine idle for a few minutes once a week. If the battery were to discharge even so, just jumpstart it to get it working again.

Take Proper Care of the Tires

Your vehicle is a very heavy object. Since the tires are the ones that support all of that weight up, they can get damaged from it, even if your vehicle isn't moving. This is because all of the pressure from the vehicle remains in one spot which can debilitate it after some time. To ensure this won't be the case, take your vehicle for a quick spin around once a week. In doing so, the weight of the vehicle will be redistributed to another section of the tires, which will keep their wear and tear process more even. It's still a good idea to get your tires inspected once the inactivity period is over, to ensure they're good to start rolling regularly again.

Warm Up the Fluids Regularly

You should also be mindful of your vehicle's fluids when it's parked  for longer periods of time. This is because they can go stale if they aren't warmed up with some regularity. As you know, your vehicle needs gasoline, coolant, synthetic oil, among other fluids in order to function properly. If you don't want them to go bad as your vehicle is inactive, you will need to, once again, take your vehicle on a quick drive around the block to get those fluids flowing.

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Wash and Wax Your Vehicle Every so Often

A parked vehicle can still get very dirty, which can be very detrimental to its condition. Gunk, filth, dirt, and other nastiness can damage your vehicle and its components severely: it can ruin its paint job, it can accelerate its wear and tear process, and more. Moreover, letting your vehicle sit in filth, provides the perfect environment for germs, bugs, and small animals to live and thrive in. Keep your vehicle clean (inside and out) to guarantee it won't suffer from the consequences of sitting on its own filth for a long time.

Park It Where It Will Be Safe and Protected

Last but not least, you should find the right spot to  park your vehicle, somewhere you know it will be safe and protected. If you have a garage, this search will be a short one, as you can easily keep an eye on it there, and it will be shielded from the elements (like the sun and dirt). If you don't, you should find a well-lit spot where you can keep it. If possible, cover it with a car cover and use anti-theft devices, so you can rest assured its as safe and protected as it can be.

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