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Having your engine overheat and shut down while you're out and about is never fun. However, if you want to be prepared in case it happens, read this post by Superior Synthetics, LLC in Clintonville. 

How to Manage an Overheated Engine

Nobody ever wants their engine to overheat. However, this situation happens, a lot. This is why it's a good idea to prepare in case you're ever behind the wheel when it does. To that end, in this post you'll learn a few tips on how you can manage an overheated engine appropriately.

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Take Some Precautions

If your engine has been known to overheat in the past, it is far more likely that it will do so in the future as well. For that reason, it is incredibly important that you take some precautions so you can deal with the overheated engine in an effective manner (even as the temperature outside is beginning to lower). For example, you will need to:
  • Keep up with your vehicle's maintenance to ensure it is working appropriately. A professional mechanic can check for leaks and obstructions that may cause an overheated engine.
  • Have a bottle of water or coolant in your vehicle to use if your engine overheats.
  • Change its synthetic oil on a regular basis to guarantee that won't be the culprit in case of an overheated engine.

React Appropriately at the First Signs

If you're driving down the road, and you start noticing that your vehicle is acting a little bit strange (for instance, if it becomes noisy, heavy, or jumpy all of a sudden), you will need to react appropriately, since it is likely that it is overheating. That's why, if that happens, you should:
  • Look at the temperature gauge and notice if it's indicating that the engine is getting hotter. Keep an eye on it to track its progress.
  • If, in fact, the engine is heating up, turn off your AC and roll the windows down to alleviate some of the stress the engine is going through.
  • If that's not working, blast the heater to allow some of the heat from the engine to move away from it.
After you've done all of this, check the temperature gauge again to see if the situation is now under control.

Don't Panic While in Traffic

As you know, if your vehicle starts to overheat, you should drive to the side of the road and turn it off to give it a chance to cool off. However, what happens when you're stuck in traffic and don't have that option? If you're feeling trapped, relax. See if you can put your vehicle in "Neutral" to let the engine rest for a bit. If you can't, move at a slow and steady pace (don't hit the brakes or pedal too often), until you find somewhere you can stop completely.

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Deal With the Overheated Engine

Once you have found a place to stop, it's time to deal with your overheated engine. To that end, you should do the following:
  • Turn your vehicle off completely to give the engine some time to cool off. To that end, you can open the hood of the car to allow ventilation. Wait for about 30 minutes before you do anything else, since the scorching hot engine can burn and harm you.
  • After enough time has passed, take a bottle of water or coolant, and pour it into the reservoir (check your owner's manual if needed). As CarsDirect mentions, this will absorb the heat generated by the engine and transport it elsewhere.
Once you've done all of this, your vehicle should be good to go.

Go to a Professional Mechanic

Last but not least, once you've gotten your vehicle to start again, drive it directly to a mechanic. While it is not uncommon for vehicles to overheat, it is not normal when they do, and it's usually an indicator that something isn't right with them (there could be a leak in the cooling system, for example). For that reason, you should see a professional who can assess its situation and provide the necessary repairs.

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