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There are some myths and misconceptions regarding synthetic oils and their use. In this post by Superior Synthetics, LLC in Clintonville, you'll learn the truth, so you can make the best decisions for your vehicle's maintenance.

We all know and love popular myths. Pandora's Box, Cupid and his arrows, Thor and his hammer, the warrior goddess Durga, and many, many more. Still, while myths were used to teach the population about a specific event or explain some of the mysteries of the ancient world, nowadays it's easy to see that there's little to no truth to them. This is because myths are just fantastical stories that, in the most part, shouldn't be believed. For that reason, in this post we'll share and debunk some myths regarding synthetic oil and its use. This, so you know not to believe them and so you can have the information you require to make the best decisions for your vehicle and engine.

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The Truth Behind Synthetic Oil Stories

You Should Use Conventional Oil First

This first myth revolves around the idea that you need to use conventional oil before you use synthetic oil. This one has a bit of truth, since engines did require conventional oil to be broken in. However, that's not the case anymore, so you can use synthetic oil from the get-go.

Synthetic Oil is Not Natural at All

The second myth is that synthetic oil is entirely a man-made product. Still, just as conventional oil, synthetic oil's primary source is natural oil. The differences come in the lab and in the processes they undergo in order to be ready for the market.

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Its Use May Void the Warranty

Once again, this myth has no truth to it. Using synthetic oil on a vehicle will not void its warranty. In fact, synthetic oil is often the preferred lubricant by manufacturers and they even recommend its use. So, as long as you follow the vehicle's requirements, your warranty should be fine.

It Can Cause Cracks and Leaks

The next myth is that synthetic oil can cause cracks and leaks on the engine, but when you think about it, this one doesn't make any sense. What happens is that synthetic oil is thinner than conventional oil, meaning that it's easier for it to find and slip through the existing cracks in the engine. In any case, if your engine is leaking, take it to a mechanic promptly.

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You Can Never Switch Back From It

Among the many myths revolving synthetic oil, there's the one that states that once you use synthetic oil, you can never switch back to conventional oil. As you can guess, this isn't true. You can go back and forth as you please between the two, depending on your preferences and your vehicle's needs.

You Don't Need to Change It

This next myth could be dangerous if you believe it and comply with it. Synthetic oil absolutely needs to be changed around twice a year. While its superior engine protection makes it so that you don't have to change it as often as conventional oil, never changing it can cause your engine's wear and tear process to accelerate immensely.

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You Shouldn't Change the Filter Either

If you have any idea of what the oil filter does, it's basically in charge of keeping gunk, debris, dirt, and other kinds of filth away from your engine and its inner components. Still, after some use, the filter will fill up, making it ineffective at its job. For that reason, you need to change the oil filter with some regularity if you want to maintain your engine properly.

Synthetic Oil is More Expensive

This last myth is true: synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil right off the bat. Still, all of the benefits that synthetic oil brings actually make it the more economical option of the two. Its continued use will save you money on the vehicle's maintenance and it will make your vehicle more fuel efficient. Plus, you don't have to change it as often.

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