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Being a motorcycle rider comes with a few dangers. To know how to stay safe from them, read this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville to learn what you should look out for when you're riding.

Road Dangers Motorcyclists Need to Look Out For

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Oncoming Traffic

It should go without saying that crashing against another vehicle head on is extremely dangerous, especially when you're a motorcyclist that doesn't have a whole structure around them to keep them protected. Moreover, other drivers won't be able to see you as easily, which makes your situation all the more difficult. This means that you need to be on extra high alert and look out for oncoming traffic. You should be very careful when cruising down a street that doesn't have any dividers, since you never know when an inattentive driver may mistakenly swerve into your lane and cause a big accident.

Turning Vehicles

As a motorcycle rider, you should also keep your eyes open for vehicles driving down intersections, changing lanes, or turning around the corner. As mentioned above, the fact that you're less visible makes your rides that much more dangerous, which can result in a vehicle turning without noticing you're there. To avoid a mishap, you need to work on your defensive driving techniques. These include letting a bigger distance between you and the objects around you, as well as paying attention to what the other vehicles might do, so you can be ready and react to what they do accordingly.

Sudden Braking

Of course, having a braking system in vehicles is essential to have safe rides. However, in some situations, brakes can be dangerous, especially when they're used all of a sudden. This is because, if you stop paying attention for only a second, and the car in front of you slams on its brakes, you could end up crashing into it. Not only that, but when you brake suddenly on your motorcycle, the front wheel may lock down, which could result in you being thrown off the motorcycle. That's why, you need to keep your focus on the road ahead. Also, consider purchasing anti-lock brakes.

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Inclement Weather

Snowy, windy, or rainy days means the roads will be harder to cruise through and that the visibility will be limited. This is a mixture that could bring about disaster if you're not careful. That's why, you should check out the weather forecast before you ride, so you can prepare for the conditions you'll have to face. If the weather won't be ideal, wear appropriate clothing that can help you stay safe, dry, and warm. And, if while you're on the road, you notice that the rain or snow is becoming too harsh, you should stop somewhere safe to wait it out.

Debris on the Road

Now that the fall season is here, you may think that dead leaves on the road give your town a more romantic and nostalgic look. However, loose objects on the road, such as dead leaves, rocks, gravel, twigs, dirt, and other debris, can actually make them more unsafe. This is because when passing over them, your tires don't have a nice grip on the road, meaning that they could easily slip. If you encounter debris when riding, try swerving away from it (just make sure that there are no vehicles coming). If you can't move to the side, go over them slowly, so you don't give your tires a chance to skid off.

Road Rage

Last but not least, you should watch out for road rage. If you've ever experienced road rage, you can identify it as that angry feeling you get when you're driving that makes you want to lash out at the people and vehicles around you. This, as you may be able to imagine, can lead to rash decisions and mistakes which can, in turn, result in car wrecks and mishaps. If you start raging on your motorcycle, breathe in deeply to stay calm and find ways to fix your situation. If you encounter another driver that's raging, try to steer away from them, so they don't end up hitting you in their fit.

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