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From time to time, you may smell a distinct scent coming from your vehicle. To make sure you know what those odors mean and how to address them, read this post that Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville has for you.

Our nose is a very sensitive organ that can detect thousands of different odors. This is great because scents can give you a lot of information about the world around you. For instance, you know to stay away from milk that has a foul, rotten scent. Still, what good is it identifying those odors if you don't know what they mean? To make sure you know what your vehicle is telling you through the odors it emits, the following post will share the most common car smells and what each of them means.

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What These Scents Are Telling You

The Smell of Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

Lest you have actually forgotten a basket of eggs in the backseat of your vehicle for a few days, the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur in your vehicle can be concerning. However, you should know that your vehicle is trying to tell you that there's probably something wrong with the catalytic converter. This component controls the emissions of your vehicle. If you smell sulfur, it means it's not working as expected, so visit your mechanic promptly.

The Sweet Scent of Maple Syrup

If, when you hop on your vehicle, you suddenly start craving pancakes, bacon, and a cup of hot coffee, it just may mean that the coolant in the cooling system is leaking out (or that you should eat breakfast). As you know, the cooling system is responsible for regulating the temperature in the engine, meaning it's extra important during the hot summer months. If you smell syrup and notice green liquid under your vehicle or accumulating under the hood, go to your mechanic to get that issue fixed before your engine shuts down.

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The Aroma of Burning Carpet

We have all experienced the aroma of burning carpet at one point or another. And even if you haven't, you'll be able to identify it easily if you start smelling it when you step into your vehicle. Unfortunately, this scent can be telling you that there's something wrong with your brakes. The brake pads can overheat and give off that burnt carpet smell. However, before you panic, check to see if the hand brake isn't on or notice if you're going down a steep hill. If these aren't it, it's safer to have a mechanic take a look at your braking system soon.

The Whiff of Burnt Oil

This next scent can also be alarming, but let's learn more about it before sounding off the alarms. Burnt oil can be how your vehicle tells you that your engine needs to be taken care of. There are a few different reasons for this smell (from something simple as the engine needs new oil to more complicated things). If, aside from the burnt oil smell, you also notice smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, your best bet is to have a mechanic assess your vehicle's condition.

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The Stench of Burnt Rubber

If you smell like rubber is burning, it may be that rubber is burning. One way to check for this is to open the hood of your car and notice if there are any rubber components placed against a metal piece. This can be burning off the rubber when you're driving. For example, it may be that the hose is on the engine, and when the vehicle starts running, the rubber starts burning. If you notice something like this, be sure to let your vehicle cool off for a couple of minutes before you try to reposition the rubber component. A visit to the mechanic is a good idea, too.

The Essence of a Dirty Gym Bag

Lastly, if you've ever had a gym bag with your dirty, sweaty clothes inside it before, then you can easily identify this next car smell. Unfortunately, if you sense this odor in your vehicle, it may be that mold or mildew is growing on your vehicle's vents. Mold, as you know, can put your and your passenger's health in danger. For this reason, you should get your vehicle serviced the moment you notice this scent.

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