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If your car is making a strange noise, you should take it to a mechanic. But before the mechanic convinces you to replace the dingleberry quad rod for the low price of only three grand, familiarize yourself with the common sounds made by mechanical problems below so you can walk into the garage informed!


If you hear a clunk from under your car when you go over bumps or uneven roads, you might have a problem with your suspension. The first part of the suspension to go is usually going to be the shock-absorbers. If you don’t get them replaced, the undercarriage of your car will be damaged by bumping or scraping on the ground. This could affect your brake lines, steering lines, gas tank, or oil pan, too. When the mechanic is replacing the shock absorbers, you should get them to inspect the non-metallic parts of your suspension system, too. Clunking underneath your car that you can feel through the floor is quite possibly caused by worn ball joints. Don’t put off getting your ball joints repaired – if they wear out completely, your wheel will fall off, which is not only dangerous but also obviously a lot more expensive to repair.


If you hear a squealing noise coming from the engine when you first start your car or while you’re accelerating, it might be your car’s fan belt. When a fan belt gets loose or begins to wear, it can make a squealing noise because it will rub against the metal pulley that’s supposed to turn it. When you get your fan belt replaced, it’s a good idea to get your timing belt replaced, too, as both wear at about the same rate and it is more cost-effective to get them both replaced at the same time. If the squealing is coming from the brakes when they’re applied, it is probably because the brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. Brake pads are made with a little indicator strip that drags against the metal of your brake discs/drums when the pad gets low, as a warning to replace your brake pads before they are completely gone. When you hear this noise, you should replace your brake pads immediately, because if you allow them to wear all the way down, then that squealing noise you hear is going to be metal-on-metal. Damage to your brake drums or discs is a lot more serious and more expensive to repair.

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If you hear hissing from your engine area when your car is warmed up and idling, you might have a loose or cracked hose. That could mean that your cooling system is damaged. You should get it repaired immediately, or your car could overheat.


A scraping sound coming from under the car while you’re driving is probably caused by a loose part. A loose fender will scrape against the tire while loose parts from the exhaust system or other parts of the undercarriage will drag and scrape against the road. Scraping sounds can also be caused by damaged brake rotors. If a piece of brake lining or other material is loose inside the brake drums, it will make a scraping sound. If your mechanic has ruled out any loose parts on the car body and undercarriage, they might next need to take apart your wheels to see if there is something scraping inside them.


A thudding noise coming from your tires could be caused by a flat tire or a tire with a leak. You might also hear a thudding noise from down below the car if you need an alignment. When you first hear the thudding noise, pull over and check for flats. If the thudding noise has developed gradually and you don’t have a flat, take your car to a tire center. They will be able to check your tires for leaks and check your alignment.

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