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Conventional oil is refined crude oil and it does the job regarding lubrication on your lawn mower, but synthetic oil is refined, purified and fortified with additives and it does a much better lubricating your engine. Synthetic oil brings stronger protection in extreme hot or cold temperatures, or hilly terrains. In this article brought to you by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville, you will find how to do a synthetic oil change with AMSOIL products. As you should always do, verify in your owner’s manual if the manufacturer allows the use of synthetic oil. If the manual says go, you can star enjoying the benefits of synthetic oil: less oil change frequency, better viscosity, reduction of equipment failure risk, and a longer life service. It may seem a bit pricier at first, but it is completely worth it, and even cheaper in the long run. Before you do start your synthetic oil change in Clintonville you must empty your machine from the old conventional oil, and start with a completely clean engine.

Drain the Oil

You need to start your mower about a minute just to warm the oil inside, this will thin the oil, and will make it easier to drain. Park the mower in a flat area and pull the spark plug boot off so it doesn’t accidentally start. Open the drain plug while the oil is warm; it should be near the bottom of the engine. You can also check on your owner’s manual if you’re feeling lost. Using a wrench, remove the drain plug and drain all the oil into a safe container. Be careful not to touch it because it may be hot. Place back the drain plug.

Change the Filter

Locate the mower’s oil filter; it may be near the bottom of the engine close to the motor. Use an oil filter wrench to remove the filter. Spread a little bit of oil around new filter’s seal. Now, screw the new filter into the engine and tighten it in place with the wrench. Take off the oil fill cap, or dipstick and use a funnel to fill the area slowly using your new AMSOIL synthetic oil in Clintonville. Put the dipstick back on tightly.


Stick the spark plug back in and start the engine. Let is run for a while and inspect the oil drain plug and the oil filter for any possible leaks. If you do find any, tighten the oil drain plug or the filter (or both) some more.

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