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If you don't get much use out of your motorcycle during the colder months and are thinking of putting it away until the temperatures rise again, read this post to learn to do it effectively.

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

When there's freezing temperatures and the snow starts to fall, probably the last thing you want to do is ride your motorcycle. If that's the case, then you should think about winterizing it and storing it properly so it can be ridden smoothly once spring returns. If you aren't sure of how you can do that, however, read the tips in the post below.

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Stabilize the Fuel

Long idle periods of time can ruin almost anything. The fuel in your motorcycle is no exception. In fact, not being used can actually make it go bad, which can mean big trouble for your motorcycle's components if you run on that old fuel once springtime comes. If you don't want that to happen, it's recommended that you fill up the gas tank with new fuel before putting the motorcycle away. Then, you should buy a fuel stabilizer that can ensure the fuel will stay in good condition.

Keep the Battery in Optimum Shape

Inactivity can also damage the battery in your motorcycle. So, lest you want the battery-powered features in your motorcycle to fail altogether once the temperature starts to rise again, you should take the appropriate measures to keep the motorcycle's battery in optimum shape over the colder months. To that end:
  • take the battery out of the motorcycle to keep it from wasting away
  • keep it in a safe, clean, dry place while the motorcycle is in storage
  • Cycle World suggests buying a motorcycle-specific trickle charger with a monitor
  • charge the battery a few times over the winter

Take Care of the Motorcycle Synthetic Oil

To care for your motorcycle properly, you need to replace its synthetic oil on a regular basis. This is because, after time and use, the oil that once protected and lubricated the motorcycle's components, can become dirty and actually cause damage to them. To avoid premature wear and tear on those crucial components, be sure to replace the motorcycle synthetic oil before storing it away. To make the oil change easier, it's recommended that you turn the motorcycle on for a couple of minutes, to warm it up and drain it without a problem. Be careful, though, as if you warm it up too much, it can burn you.

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Consider the Motorcycle's Other Fluids

Aside from the motorcycle synthetic oil, there are other fluids your bike needs in order to run smooth, powerful, and efficient. Still, as cold does to many other liquids, it can actually freeze them over if it gets too bad. To make sure frozen fluids won't get in the way of your motorcycle's performance once spring is here, inspect the anti-freeze before storing it. If you notice it's a bit low, dirty, or not in great shape, refill it or replace it to winterize your motorcycle properly.

Clean and Wax the Motorcycle

The filth that accumulates on your motorcycle may ruin a lot more than its looks, since it may eat away at it, wreak havoc on its components, hinder its performance, and even shorten its life expectancy. To ensure this won't be a problem while the bike is in storage, don't forget to clean it thoroughly to remove dirt, and to wax it to prevent rust.

Put It Away Properly

Lastly, you should store your motorcycle properly to guarantee it will make it to spring in one piece and that it'll be ready to go on a ride. To that end, you should take care of a few things, such as:
  • finding a spot for it where it will be protected from the elements (for example, your garage)
  • putting a tarp over it to cover it from dust, bugs, and moisture
  • blocking the exhaust pipe to keep bugs and animals away
  • placing it on a stand to protect its tires

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