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Driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. To learn how you can stay safe even when it's dark out, read this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville.

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

According to the National Safety Council, even though we only do one quarter of our driving at night, half of traffic deaths happen when it's dark out. Still, most of the time you can't avoid driving during the nighttime. To learn how you can stay safe, read the tips in the post below.

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Make Sure You Can See

The first step in keeping you safe while driving at night is, of course, making sure you can see. Obviously, there's not much light outside during the nighttime, which can make seeing other cars, objects, and people around you more difficult. To guarantee you won't get into an accident because of poor visibility, inspect your headlights every so often. If you notice that one of them is out, get it replaced as soon as possible so it doesn't affect your vision. Likewise, remember to wear your seeing glasses if you need them!

Use Your Lights Wisely

It's not only important that you're able to see the things around you when you're driving down the road, but that the people, drivers, animals, and more can see you as well. That's why you should also take a look at your blinkers, brake lights, beam lights, and hazard lights (aside from your headlights). Remember to use each of these tools appropriately, so you can remain as safe as you can while you're out and about during the nighttime.

Don't Be Blinded

While we're on the subject of being able to see while you drive, you should be careful if other vehicles are driving with their high beams or extremely bright lights on. These can blind you, which could result in a wreck. Depending on where the light source is coming from, you can do one of two things. If the light is behind you, use the setting in your rearview mirror to reduce some of the glare. If the light is in front of you, avoid looking directly at it; guide yourself with help from the luminous lines on the road.

Be Prepared

Your car can breakdown or you may get in an accident at any time. Needless to say, it is riskier if it happens at night. That's why, it is important that you're prepared. For starters, be diligent about your vehicle's visits to the mechanic, so you can avoid a technical malfunction. Other than that, be sure to have some emergency tools with you in the car: a charged phone, a spare tire, a jack, light reflectors, among others, so you can take charge of the situation effectively.

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Slow Down

When you're driving at night, you aren't able to see the world around you all that well, which means you can't react to emergent situations as rapidly. For that reason, it is imperative that you drive at a slower pace when it's dark out. This will give you more time to recognize the situation, assimilate it, and make a better decision regarding it.

Stay on High Alert

You should always pay full attention to the road when you're driving, lest you want to get into an accident. However, you should be even more careful when it's nighttime, since it can be more dangerous to drive. For example, you should try to drive in a more defensive manner, and avoid distractions at all costs. It's even recommended that you use a GPS so you can get to your destination safely and without much hassle.

Rest When Needed

Last but not least, do not drive if you're feeling tired. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous, since your senses won't respond effectively, and you may even fall asleep behind the wheel. To avoid putting yourself and others at risk, rest whenever you feel tired: ask a friend to take the wheel, stop somewhere to take a nap, or book a room at a hotel. Do not trust in caffeinated or sugary beverages to wake you up, since it's likely they won't work.

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