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While most people choose to winterize and store their boats during winter, there are others who like the challenge and want to navigate under colder temperatures. If you're one of those people, know that this practice is riskier, but you can probably stay safe if you follow the tips below.

How to Navigate Your Boat During Wintertime

Stay as Warm and Safe as You Can

Needless to say, it is cold outside. If you don't want to risk getting hypothermia or another ailment that could result from the low temperatures, it's imperative that you stay properly protected and covered. To that end, remember to wear warm clothing (including scarves, gloves, and hats) that can provide insulation. Make sure these items are also waterproof to stay safe. Lastly, always have your life jacket on while on the boat, as it can help you float and keep your head above the freezing waters.

Keep an Emergency Kit Available Onboard

It's a good idea to be prepared for anything that may occur, especially when the conditions outside are harsh. For that reason, you should keep a functional emergency kit aboard the vessel. Be sure to include certain tools, such as a fire extinguisher, communication devices, food and water, a first aid kit, thick blankets, and more, so you are ready for any situation that may present itself to you and your passengers while navigating.

Be Mindful of the Weather

If you don't want to be riding when it's raining, snowing, or hailing (which can make your experience not that enjoyable and much more dangerous), it's important that you take a look at the weather forecast before you head out. If possible, only opt for navigating on days when the conditions are good for the ride, so you don't risk your and your passengers' safety.

Create a Plan

Having a navigation plan in case something doesn't go as you expected it to (for instance, if despite checking the forecast, it starts to hail), can help you return to land safely. For that reason, you should keep track of the route you're taking, stay in touch with people in land, designate a few safety zones, create evacuation routes, and know where to go in case you need to return fast.

Keep a Properly Maintained Boat

Having your boat stranded in a large body of water is never an ideal situation. However, that scenario can turn much more dire if the weather is freezing. To keep that from happening to you, you should be mindful of your boat's maintenance and keep track of it. Taking it to a mechanic for routine check-ups can help ensure that it's in good condition before you head out for a winter adventure on it. Superior Synthetics LLC in Bear Creek can offer the best products in the market if you want to keep your boat's engine in perfect working shape. AMSOIL's synthetic boat oil in Bear Creek can even save you time and money on its maintenance later down the road. Call (715) 823-6525 for more information or to place an order.

Watch Your Step

It should go without saying that snow, water, and ice can make your boat slippery. If you want to ride during this time of year, you need to be careful with that. Not watching your step can lead to slips, falls, injuries, and worse. To avoid that, step in and out of the boat very carefully. If possible, grab on to sturdy spots of the boat while you move, so you can catch yourself in case you fall. Likewise, ensure you and your passengers have appropriate shoes for these conditions.

Keep Your Lights On

During wintertime, there are quite a few situations that could put your visibility in jeopardy (for instance, there are snowstorms, days are much shorter and darker, and the conditions can be foggy). Keep yourself visible and make sure others see you by keeping your headlights on. Just remember to check your battery and your lights before navigating.

Break the Ice

As a final tip, it's important that you consider the ice that is present in the water during this time of year. If you find that it's thin, you shouldn't have a problem breaking it off as you navigate through it. If it's a bit thicker, you will need to, very carefully, break it off with your boat pole. If upon trying to make way for the boat, you find that it's too thick, it means that this isn't an ideal day for navigating, and that you should be heading back.

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