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If you want to keep your engine in mint condition longer, you have to provide regular synthetic oil changes. To learn the signs that you have to get new oil for your engine, read this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville.

The engine in your vehicle is a powerful machine that turns fuel into energy and gets you moving from one place to another. It's probably one of the most important components in your vehicle and one that you absolutely should maintain perfectly since you'd just sit still if it didn't work well. The best way to keep your engine in top shape for longer is to provide regular synthetic oil changes. These are important because the oil protects and lubricates the engine's moving components, which generate a friction when they brush against each other that can lead to excessive wear and tear. Still, time and use can make the synthetic oil ineffective, which is why you need to change it with regularity if you want to keep your engine protected and working perfectly for a long while. Now that you know the importance of regular motor oil replacements, you should learn when you need to change it to maintain your vehicle properly. Continue reading the post below for more information.

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How to Tell if Your Vehicle Requires a Synthetic Oil Change

There's Been X Number of Miles

Once you reach a certain number of miles since you changed the oil last, you must change it again. Keep in mind, however, that this number will depend on a few different factors (like your vehicle's condition, the use you give it, how old the vehicle is, among similar variables). To learn a more exact number, you can turn to your owner's manual or your trusted mechanic.

A Year Has Passed Since the Last Change

Has your engine been working with the same oil for more than a year? If that's the case, then it's high time that you get some new oil for it. Even if you haven't used your vehicle much during the last year, you need to change it. This is because the motor oil can lose some of its qualities after a year, which means it won't be helpful in protecting your engine.

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The Oil's Color and Texture Has Changed

A good, clean oil has a light brown color and a soft texture. If upon performing a dipstick test, you notice that your oil is dark brown and has a coarse texture, you should change it. This is because the oil is dirty, filled with agents that could damage your engine.

The Oil is Not at the Right Level

Having too much oil or too little oil on your engine can put your engine in peril. To make sure this isn't the case, you have to perform regular dipstick tests on your engine's oil. If you notice that it's under the desired level, check for leaks, and take your vehicle with a mechanic promptly if you find them.

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The 'Check Engine' Sign is On

If you've noticed that the 'Check Engine' or 'Check Oil' signs on your vehicle's dashboard are on, you should change the motor oil soon, as most of the time, that's all your vehicle needs. However, if that doesn't make the signs turn off, go to your mechanic to make sure that there's nothing else going on.

Your Engine is Acting Weird

Finally, if your engine is acting weird (i.e., becoming jumpy or emitting unusual noises), it may be trying to tell you that it's time to change its oil. Again, if, upon changing the oil, you notice that the engine is still acting strangely, go to your mechanic soon so they can have a look at the engine.

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