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As we're moving into the fall months, you should prepare your vehicle to withstand the new conditions with help from the tips in this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville.

How to Maintain Your Vehicle This Fall

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Care for the Battery

A battery that's not properly charged won't be of any use to you, no matter what time of the year it is. This is because the battery is responsible for powering a bunch of your vehicle's components, which means that if it's not in proper shape, you won't even be able to turn it on; least of all, drive it around. That's why one of the first maintenance jobs you should go through is to take care of the battery. This is especially important during the fall since the days are shorter, darker, and rainier. To endure them safely, you need to make use of your headlights and your wipers, both of which depend on your battery.

Keep the Tires in Shape

Your tires' condition is one of the determining factors that are at play when it comes to your safety when you're driving since they hold the vehicle up and roll you around. But, because they're in constant contact with the road, they can tear up and wear down with some ease, which can lead to big troubles for you. For that reason, it is crucial that you always keep your tires in shape. Furthermore, during the fall season, you can expect more challenges on the road: dead leaves, debris, rainfall, and more, can affect your tires' grip on the road, making it easier for them to slip. The fact that the temperatures change can also influence how your tires work. Be sure to mind your tires (even the spare one), so they can roll through those difficult terrains without much hassle.

Watch Your Headlights

While you may not think about them too much, your headlights are instrumental in keeping you safe. This is even truer during the fall months since, as mentioned above, the days are darker and shorter, which reduces your visibility significantly. However, you won't be able to see or be seen during the darker days if your headlights aren't working as they should. This is why, aside from ensuring your battery will power them effectively, you should watch your headlights. If one of the lights is out, if they're foggy, or if they're not lighting up your way properly, you could end up in a dangerous situation, so be sure to check them and address any problems with them promptly.

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Replace the Wipers if Needed

Other than a functional battery and headlights, you will need wipers in good condition in order to see the road ahead. As you may be aware, the fall months bring with it a good amount of rain (and in some cases, even snow), which means your windshield will be filled with precipitation and your vision will be obstructed. Still, to ensure your wipers will remove all of that downpour and other gunk that sticks to your windshield, you need to check them every so often, because use, time, and sun damage can render them useless. Replace them if you deem it appropriate, so you can wipe your windshield successfully.

Service the AC System

As the year comes to an end, the temperatures start to drop. This can result in you turning your vehicle's AC system on to stay warm and drive around comfortably. However, you won't get much warmth from it if it hasn't had the proper maintenance. Moreover, the AC system can be incredibly helpful if the change in temperatures outside and inside of your vehicle has made your windows cloudy, since the 'defrost' setting will help control the situation. But, once again, the AC needs to be in perfect shape for it to help you out during the colder days.

Mind the Fluids

Last but not least, remember to mind the fluids that your vehicle needs in order to work perfectly, regardless of the season. For example, you know that the cooling system requires coolant to help you regulate the temperature in your vehicle and keep it running effectively. The engine also needs a synthetic oil replacement with some regularity. Without it, it could wear down faster, so take advantage of the change in the season to keep your engine lubricated and protected with some new synthetic oil.

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