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To maintain a vehicle properly, you should look after its lubrication needs. If you're lost in this department, however, Superior Synthetics, LLC can guide you with this post.

How to Lubricate Your Vehicle Effectively

Maintaining a vehicle is no joke. After all, if you don't do it properly, you risk having a malfunctioning machine that will be expensive to repair. Part of your vehicle's maintenance is ensuring appropriate lubrication for its different components. If you're unsure of what lubricants to use for your vehicle, however, read on to get a better idea.

For the Engine

The engine in your vehicle is like the brain in the human body: it is complex, it is responsible for its proper functioning, and it needs to be in perfect shape to guarantee an adequate performance. It's safe to say, then, that the engine's maintenance is absolutely indispensable to keep your vehicle running for years to come. If that's the case, then providing regular motor oil changes can be comparable to eating a nutritious, balanced meal: it allows your vehicle to continue working without much problem, as motor oil is needed to coat its moving parts, protect them from early wear and tear, and smooth out the processes that occur when you run your vehicle.

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For the Transmission System

With the motor oil, you have your engine covered. However, another integral component of any vehicle is the transmission system, which makes itself useful each time you want to control the power of your vehicle and change gears (be it in a manual or automatic way). Much like the engine, the transmission system is composed of moving parts that could waste away rapidly after their repeated exposure to friction. To counteract those negative effects, the transmission system requires a transmission fluid, which will lubricate and protect it. Much like the motor oil, said fluid needs to be replaced as needed to ensure the system's proper functioning.

For the Brakes

Surely, there's no need to go in depth into the importance of the brakes, why they're needed, or why it's crucial to keep them in top working condition. What may be necessary, however, is to let you know that the braking system is also subjected to friction, which could damage it, render it useless, and affect your and other people's safety. Once again, a lubricant is employed to reduce the consequences of the constant rubbing between the system's moving parts. And once again, the brake fluid needs to be replaced with some regularity to safeguard them properly.

For Other Moving Components

Commonly known as "grease", this lubricant is also used to protect and lubricate different moving parts in your vehicle. For example, the components of the wheel bearing and the chassis can fall victim to excessive friction, which will cause them to wear and tear. Using an adequate grease and re-coating them once in awhile will keep them in top condition.

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For Heavy Machinery

If you're working with heavy machinery or a vehicle that employs a different type of transmission system, you will need gear lube to keep it running as desired. This oil is a higher viscosity substance that's made especially to keep up with the most extreme of temperatures, which can take place if your vehicle is put under a lot of stress. You'll know you're using gear lube thanks to its pungent sulfuric scent.

For Nooks and Crannies

There may come a time in which your vehicle will need lubricant to loosen up one of its parts. For example, if a rusty and stubborn bolt doesn't want to make its way out, you will need a substance to make it smoother and unfasten it. For those occasions, you can use a penetrating lubricant, whose thin consistency isn't meant to offer protection, but to filter into the nooks and crannies in your vehicle.

For Dry Spots

The final lube you will need to continue having a top-notch vehicle is the dry lubricant. This one will work perfectly in areas that need help to reduce friction, but that won't admit liquid substances. An example for this would be the door lock in your vehicle. Just like the penetrating lubricant, this one is only employed when you need help fixing an issue. The most common type is graphite.

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