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If your vehicle getting close or has passed the 75,000 miles mark? If that's the case, you will need to take better care of it. This post will share tips on how you can properly maintain a high-mileage vehicle.

How to Maintain a High-Mileage Vehicle

Vehicles make our lives more comfortable; not to mention, they're a big investment. Both of these are good reasons to try our best to extend our vehicles' lifespans. After some time, however, your vehicle's needs will change due to it having a higher-mileage (near the 75k mark). To keep your well-loved, older vehicle running, follow the tips below.

Visit the Mechanic More Often

When your vehicle was new, all of its parts were in perfect condition, which meant that you could get away with only dropping by the mechanic twice a year. Now that it's older and its components are more worn down, it's a good idea to increase your visits. Once every two months, for example, will help you keep your vehicle in top shape.

Try High-Mileage Oil

Having an older vehicle means you will have to take better care of it, employ other methods to maintain it, and use different products to keep it working perfectly. A top performing high-mileage oil will lubricate your aging engine better, and will prevent nasty leaks from appearing everywhere you park.

Purchase Premium Protection 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil, the best motor oil in Bear Creek, to care for your high-mileage engine.

Be Aware of Its Oil Changes

While we're on the subject of motor oil, you should also pay attention to its replacements. If you've had a vehicle for a long time, you're no doubt familiar with the importance of the oil changes. However, as you can imagine, now that the vehicle is older, they are even more crucial than ever before.

Take Care of the Cooling System

An old, unkempt cooling system will mean that your dear, high-mileage vehicle will break down often due to overheating. If you don't want this to happen to you, be diligent with the cooling system's care, and remember to change up the coolant as instructed for the vehicle's mileage.

Tend to the Brakes and Their Fluid

The first thing you learn about driving is where the gas pedal and the brakes are. And with good reason: both are incredibly essential to any driving experience. If you want to keep your brakes healthy for even more years to come, tend to them and replace their fluid on a regular basis.

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Keep the Transmission Fluid in Mind

Another fluid you should consider is the transmission fluid, as a vehicle without a functional transmission system is one that won't move, no matter how old or new it is. Be sure to keep your vehicle's transmission fluid changes in mind and to go through them as needed, whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission.

Grease Up the Moving Parts

When you drive your vehicle, myriad of different parts are turning (for instance, the wheel). However, in doing so, those moving components brush up against each other and wear themselves down. That's why it's necessary to grease them up, especially now that your vehicle is getting old.

If you need grease, coolant, transmission fluid, motor oil, or other synthetic lubricant for your high-mileage vehicle, click here to visit AMSOIL's online shop.

Replace Old Components as Needed

Some components in your vehicle require to be replaced on a more or less regular basis (for example, the oil filter and the spark plug). Nonetheless, as time goes on, it's likely you will have to replace other components due to excessive use or wear. When the time comes, make sure to take care of this task promptly to avoid problems.

Clean and Wax Your Vehicle

Your vehicle's exterior can also present signs of wear after some time, especially if you haven't done a good job at keeping them cleaned and waxed. Ensure your vehicle not only works perfectly, but looks nice in its later years, with proper cleaning and waxing practices.

Always Pay Attention to It

Now that your vehicle is older, it's become more important than ever to pay attention to it. Doing so will help you notice any irregularities or issues that may be going on, which in turn, will allow you to tend to and fix them promptly. All of this will keep your older vehicle going strong through an even longer lifespan.

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