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Save and Protect Your Engine With Synthetic Oil in Clintonville

When it comes to something as important as your vehicle, it is always best to consider the quality of the fluids and products you use in it. In some cases, using products that are cheap can be a costly mistake that takes a toll on your vehicle, but this doesnt mean you have to sacrifice your money for quality, it just means that it is important to invest wisely. One of the best investments you can make is using quality synthetic oil in your engine. That is why today at Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville, we want to discuss how you can best save while protecting your engine with synthetic oil changes.

Why Is Synthetic Oil Such an Important Investment?

We have previously discussed several benefits that synthetic oil provides, from better lubrication, to improved horsepower and performance, but there is more to synthetic oil than its incredible ability to enhance and protect your engine. Using synthetic oil allows you to save money in several areas. For the best synthetic oil choose AMSOIL. AMSOIL is a distinguished brand that carries the highest quality oil for your engine, always offering only the best in synthetic technology. Go to our AMSOIL online store or contact us immediately for help purchasing the right synthetic oil for your engine.

4 Different Ways in Which Synthetic Oil Helps You Save Time and Money

  1. Reduced Engine Problems. Synthetic oil changes are an essential part of the preventive care for your engine and can save you a substantial amount of money by preventing all sorts of engine problems. The superior molecular structure of synthetic oil allows it to offer the most outstanding level of lubrication and total protection. Synthetic oil allows the engine parts to be well cushioned against friction. An engine that lacks proper lubrication and protection will wear out sooner and can quickly break down. Besides lubricating, synthetic oil also carries out several important tasks that allow the engine to stay in good shape.
  2. Less Engine Complications. Synthetic oil helps remove soot and other impurities that may have made its way inside the engine and prevents further build up. If not removed, sludge deposits can increase and clog the different areas of the engine, leading to severe problems. Another factor that can be harmful inside the engine is heat. Heat increases as the engine stays in constant use. Synthetic oil absorbs the heat helping the engine stay cool as it continues to work in more stable temperatures. Due to the full coverage that synthetic oil provides, the engine is less likely to face difficulties or damage.
  3. Longer Oil Change Intervals. Since synthetic oil has a high resistance to many deteriorating factors, from harsh temperatures to extreme driving conditions, the special protective properties that synthetic oil provides are not easily worn out. This allows synthetic oil to last much longer before it needs to be replaced. Some synthetic oils such as AMSOIL Signature Series can even go up to 25,000 miles between oil changes. If you do the math, this truly adds up in savings. Even though regular motor oil may be cheaper, it wears out sooner and needs to be replaced about every 4,000 miles, which means that, in a year, you would need to get about three oil changes. With synthetic oil, your engine will stay protected with around one synthetic oil change a year. With AMSOIL, you benefit from high-quality synthetic oil while saving.
  4. Improved Fuel Economy. One of the most incredible benefits of synthetic oil is its ability to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Synthetic oil increases the engine's ability to perform as it reduces friction and resistance. This facilitates all engine functions, making it work less to get the job done. Since the engine doesn't have to work as hard to complete its tasks, it reduces the amount of fuel it burns off to power those functions. Synthetic oil improves fuel efficiency by about three to five percent and it may not sound like a lot but in a year, this can add up to around 50 liters of gasoline, which can be quite something.

Experience the Many Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Clintonville

No other motor oil is as profitable as full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil allows your engine to stay safe and prevents engine failure, reduces the amount of oil changes your vehicle requires and even improves the fuel efficiency of the engine. With AMSOIL, the savings do add up to your benefit. Call Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville at (715) 823-6525 and start saving today.

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