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To have safe and enjoyable motorcycle rides, you need to perform a quick inspection before each time you hop on it. For tips on the matter, read this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville.

What to Check on Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride

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The Fuel

There's nothing worse than riding your motorcycle, only to discover you're short on gas when you're halfway through your journey. So this doesn't happen to you, you need to check your fuel levels before each time you ride. It's extremely important that you do so, since running on an empty tank will not only leave you stranded, but it can damage your engine's components, since they will pick up all of the sludge that's left over at the bottom of the tank. Keep your fuel levels up to avoid any related problem.

The Tires

Without tires in good shape, your motorcycle would be an extremely dangerous machine (that is, if it can move at all). This is because, the tires holds the weight up and give it stability. Not to mention, they have to put up with the friction with the road, inclement weather, debris, and other harsh conditions. For that reason, you're strongly advised to check your tires before each time you ride. Make sure they have the right tire pressure and that they're good to roll you around.

The Lights

Imagine riding down the road at night without any lights to illuminate your way and show you the conditions on the road. Moreover, without decent lights, other vehicles wouldn't be able to see you or be notified of your intentions as you ride. These scenarios could end up in disaster, which is why you should inspect your motorcycle's lights before each of your outings. If upon your inspection, you notice one light is out or flickering, get it replaced soon to avoid any mishaps on the road.

The Chain

Some motorcycles require a chain in order to transmit power from the engine to the rear wheel and get it rolling. If you have one of those motorcycles that's dependent on the chain, you will need to include its inspection in your pre-riding ritual if you want to ride your motorcycle smoothly. While you check it, verify that it has the right tension, lubrication, and cleanliness. It also shouldn't present any signs of significant wear, since this could put your rides in peril.

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Its Drivability

Of course, you want everything to work perfectly when you're riding on your motorcycle, so you can have a thrilling and enjoyable time. Well, a way to guarantee that it happens is to give your motorcycle a quick spin around a safe block, as some sort of test drive. While you're going through it, check its drivability and how the brakes, engine, steering wheel, and more, are working. If during your ride, you notice any major issues, address them before you step into a dangerous highway, so you don't take any risks with your well-being.

Your Gear

And speaking of your well-being, you should also take a quick look at the protective gear you ride your motorcycle in. As you know, you should never leave without it, since it will keep you as safe as possible if you have an accident or another mishap on your motorcycle. Still, for them to provide the best protection possible, they need to be in proper shape. Inspect your helmet, your gloves, your riding jacket, and other riding gear, to verify that they'll be able to endure during your rides.

Any Issues

The last tip in this post may seem redundant, since it's probably what you've been doing during the whole inspection process. Still, you should remember to check for any issues that we haven't mentioned already. For example, it's recommended that you look under your motorcycle to see if there are any leaking from its fluids. Once more, if any issue (no matter how big or small) shows up, be sure to take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic, so they can evaluate its condition and fix it promptly.

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