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The synthetic oil replacements are the most important maintenance task you should keep up with. However, if you don't know what could happen if you don't go through with them, this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville.

Many mechanics would agree that the synthetic oil replacements are the most important maintenance task that you should keep up with if you wanted your vehicle to drive smoothly for a long time. That's why they recommend that you change the oil regularly, especially if you notice these signs:
  • it's been over a year since the last replacement.
  • you've driven a number of miles on the same oil.
  • the oil has a grittier texture, a lower level, and a darker color.
  • the 'Check Engine' sign turns on.
  • the engine becomes jumpy and noisy.
Still, even if you know that you should regularly provide a synthetic oil change, you may think that neglecting to do so is not a big deal. Well, you would be wrong! Not going through with the replacements can have dire consequences. Learn what they are through the post below.

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What Happens When You Don't Change Your Engine Oil

The Engine Won't Be Lubricated and Protected

The synthetic oil coats the moving components in the engine and provides the protection and lubrication they require to perform effectively. Still, the synthetic oil's effectiveness can wear down after some time and use. This means that, after a while, your engine will be completely exposed. In the end, it will be victim to the friction that is generated whenever the engine's moving components brush against each other.

The Synthetic Oil Will Get Dirty

Synthetic oil that has a grittier texture and darker color is dirty. The problem with dirty oil is that the filth in it can get into the engine and damage its inner components. As stated above, the synthetic oil is meant to lubricate and smooth out the processes in the engine. However, dirty oil can have the complete opposite effect, increasing the friction in the engine and damaging the components further.

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The Engine Can Overheat and Shut Down

If you don't change the synthetic oil regularly, the engine will be unprotected. As a result, there will be more friction between the engine's components, which will generate more heat. You may think that this isn't that troubling, but an overheated engine can be bad news. If you've ever experienced having an overheated engine, then you know that they can shut down at any moment, which makes the situation extremely annoying and potentially dangerous.

Your Engine Will Behave Differently

Do you love to have smooth, relaxing drives on your vehicle? If you do, then you can say goodbye to them if you don't change the synthetic oil every so often. The engine will have a harder time getting you to move, which will result in it becoming noisy and jumpy. This can affect the vehicle's drivability and may even put your well-being in peril. Needless to say, this isn't something that you want.

The Engine's Components Will Wear Down

As explained a few times, when the engine is running, its components rub against each other. The synthetic oil is there to lessen that friction, smooth out the processes in the engine, and slow down the components' wear and tear process. With time, they can wear down and break down sooner than expected, meaning that you will have to repair or replace them.

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The Engine Will Have a Shorter Lifespan

An engine that hasn't been maintained properly and whose synthetic oil isn't changed with regularity is an engine that won't last long. The consequences mentioned above all have one same, inescapable ending: the engine will break down and be rendered useless much faster if you don't do synthetic oil replacements.

Your Wallet, Safety, and the Environment Will Take a Hit

Finally, a jumpy, noisy, overheated, worn down, unprotected, unlubricated engine is bad for your personal economy, your well-being, and even the environment. For one, you will have to spend more money getting it repaired or replaced. Driving around on a malfunctioning engine can put your safety in peril. And an unkempt engine will waste more fuel and will pollute the environment. Change the synthetic oil regularly for everyone's sake.

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