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In the world of crude and synthetic oil, there are many myths and legends. Which one is better? Which one is worth it? How often should it be changed? Is synthetic oil really the best choice for me? You probably heard those myths and believed them; you probably still think that conventional oil is the one you need. Today the people at Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville would like to put some of those stories to rest and prove to you that synthetic oil change is by far the best way to go and the one with more benefits.

Oil Needs to Be Changes Every 3,000 Miles or 3 Months

This used to be true with older car models, but it isn’t so with most modern cars. You need to keep your car in a good state and give it the proper maintenance services. If the change oil light sign in the dashboard doesn’t switch on or you don’t reach the frequency oil change recommended in your owner’s manual, then you are good. If you want to worry even less about oil change, make the switch to AMSOIL synthetic oil in Clintonville, which can last so much more than conventional oil.

Synthetic Oil Will Cause My Engine to Leak

There is no reason for your seals and gaskets to leak oil if they are in good condition. The idea that synthetic oil will cause leaks comes from the small molecules it is made from; since they are smaller than the ones in regular oil, if there was a crack in your engine, synthetic oil would find it quicker. However, this doesn’t mean that the oil made the crack, regular oil would eventually start leaking as well. So, no, synthetic oil change does not cause engines to leak. AMSOIL synthetic oil is formulated to be fully compatible with modern seal materials and conditions them to keep them pliable and prevent leakage.

Cars Need to Be Broken in With Conventional Oil

The story goes that your new car needs to use conventional oil for your first oil change, just to break in the engine. This is not true; AMSOIL synthetic oil can be used for the break in period as well. In fact, there are many cars that come pre-filled with synthetic oil.

If I Use Synthetic Oil, I Won’t Have to Change It

Synthetic oil does last longer than conventional oil, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be changed without following the recommended frequency. Synthetic oil will take better care of your engine and deposit formations, but you also need to help it be able to do its work. By not having a synthetic oil change at the appropriate time you reduce your car’s power, performance, and fuel economy. Basically you aren’t taking advantage of the benefits AMSOIL synthetic oil has for your vehicle. If you are in the market for your next synthetic oil change in Clintonville, you should only use the best products. AMSOIL synthetic oil is the best choice for your car, you just need to try it once to reap the benefits. Call Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville at (715) 823-6525 and they will help you figure out which product is the one you need.

If You Start Using Synthetic Oil, You Can’t Ever Switch Back

Regular oil and synthetic oil are often blended, so you are using synthetic oil anyways. This blend makes its life expectancy shorter and reduces its performance benefits, so you might as well go full synthetic. Whatever type of oil you decide to choose, the important thing is that it meets the service and viscosity requirements stated on your owner’s manual. AMSOIL synthetic oil certainly does!

Your Filter Does Not to Need to Be Change With Your Oil

There is no rule that says that you should have a synthetic oil change and filter change at the same time, but it is strongly suggested that you do. Changing your oil filter prevents old contaminants to enter the new motor oil and hurt you engine. Help your oil work better by changing the oil filter, too. You don’t wear the same clothes after you shower, neither should your car.

To Get the Best Synthetic Oil in Clintonville

Hopefully you’ve changed your mind about getting a synthetic oil change. There are plenty of benefits when you make the switch, and we really recommend you give AMSOIL synthetic oil a chance. If you've made up your mind, Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville is the place to go. Don’t wait too long to give them a call at: (715) 823-6525. If you are ready to make a purchase, you can go directly to their online shop here to get the best synthetic oil in Clintonville.

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