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Changing the motor oil in your engine is a big deal, as it can help determine what your vehicle's condition. Still, if you want to do this maintenance job on your own, but you want to do it expertly, you should follow the tips below!

How to Care for Your Engine with an Expert Motor Oil Change

Use the Best Products Available for Your Engine

Buying cheap motor oil for your vehicle could result in it not being properly protected and lubricated, and wearing down much faster. This is why, the first tip in this post is to opt for the highest quality products for your engine's care. For instance, acquiring AMSOIL motor oil for your vehicle can ensure that it will continue performing good as new for a long period of time.

Know When Your Engine Requires New Motor Oil

Putting motor oil in your engine isn't just a one time thing. It needs to be done every so often to guarantee that the synthetic oil is in the required conditions to do its job of protecting the engine, minimizing the friction within it, and lowering its temperature. Failing to do so can lead to a malfunctioning engine. That's why, you should check the motor oil regularly and change it when it's not in the required levels, when it's become old, dirty, and gritty, and when over a year has passed since the last replacement. Other telling signs that you need new oil are the "check engine" light in the dashboard, or weird noises coming from the engine.

Learn to Read the Dipstick

As mentioned above, one way to know if you need new oil, is if it's not at the required level. To know what that level is, however, you need to employ a dipstick. If you've never read one before, it's fairly easy. First, park in an even terrain and let the engine cool off. Then, remove the dipstick in the oil and wipe it clean with a cloth. You'll notice 2 marks on it: one higher up, one lower down. Insert the dipstick back and, after a few seconds, take it out again. If the oil mark is somewhere in between the two marks, you're good to go. If it's near or under the lower mark, you need more motor oil (if that's the case, also check for leaks). If it's over the higher mark, you should empty some of the oil out. If you find that you do need more motor oil, trust in Superior Synthetics LLC to provide the high quality products you need for the synthetic oil change. Call (715) 823-6525, or visit the online store to get the best synthetic oil.

Warm Up the Motor Oil to Drain It

In order to add new oil to your engine, you need to drain the old one out. If you want to make this job easier, you should turn on your vehicle to allow the motor oil to warm up for a few minutes, so it has a more "liquidy" consistency. If you do this, however, you should be very careful to only do it for a couple of minutes, as heating up the oil too much can scorch you.

Support the Jack

While changing the motor oil in your vehicle can be an easy task, it can be dangerous as well if you're not sufficiently careful. For example, if you'll be crawling under it to drain the old oil, make sure that the jack is properly supported with a jack stand. This will help you avoid the horrible scenario in which a vehicle falls on you due to improper reinforcement.

Get Your Hands Dirty When Necessary

While you may have a few different tools within arm's reach to help you change your oil, sometimes it's better to use your own hands; for instance, when tightening up the fill cap. Using a wrench for this task could break it. As you're tightening the cap, remember to check your owner's manual to know the amount of turns to give to ensure it won't leak out.

Write Down Your Oil Changes

Finally, we have one last tip that will help you maintain your engine and it's synthetic oil changes expertly: write the replacements down. Have a notebook where you document each oil change, the date it was given on, how many motor oil bottles you used, and more. This will help you keep track and stay on top of your oil changes, which in turn will allow you to take better care of your vehicle.

Acquire the Most Effective Synthetic Oil

Remember that Superior Synthetics LLC has the motor oil and AMSOIL products you need for an effective synthetic oil change. Call (715) 823-6525 for more information on AMSOIL products and their benefits, or visit the online store to get the best synthetic oil.

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