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Having the right items in your vehicle can help you deal with difficult situations successfully. Go through this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville to learn what you should keep with you.

Items You Should Definitely Have in Your Vehicle

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Tools and Equipment

Everybody has had a flat tire, an overheated engine, a dead battery, or another similar technical malfunction at some point while they're on the road. Seeing as these circumstances are not that uncommon, it make sense to be prepared for them. Moreover, being unprepared for such events can put your well-being in peril. To ensure you get out of those situations successfully, you need to have certain tools and equipment in your vehicle with you at all times. Not only should you ensure that you have the right tools, but you need to know how to use them (otherwise, what good are they?). If you deem it necessary, enroll in a mechanic's course to learn how to deal with the most common vehicular mishaps. Other than that, you also need to inspect the materials every so often, so you can verify that they're in the right conditions, ready to be employed if the situation calls for them. For an idea of what tools you should be keeping in your vehicle, refer to the following list:
  • a tire jack
  • a new gas can
  • a tire iron
  • a spare tire
  • jumper cables
  • a bottle of coolant
  • reflective triangles
  • a siphon pump

A Fully Equipped Emergency Kit

As you're surely aware, accidents, disasters, and mishaps can happen anywhere at any time. This includes when you're driving in your vehicle. You could get into a car wreck, suffer an injury, be in the middle of a natural disaster, or other. In those unfortunate cases, your best bet is to have a fully equipped emergency kit that can help you get through some of the issues that may arise, so you can remain safe. Much like in the previous entry, however, you need to make sure that you know how to employ the tools in the kit effectively, that you verify every so often that they're in good condition, and that you restock them as necessary, so you're never without them. Some of the items that it's a good idea to include in your emergency kit, are:
  • medicine (like antihistamines, antiseptics, antibiotics, paracetamol, etc.)
  • basic medical equipment (such as alcohol, band-aids, disposable gloves, syringes, and thermometers).
  • charged cell phone and its charger
  • bottled water
  • non-perishable foods
  • blankets
  • a fire extinguisher

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Important Documents and Information

In some cases, having the right information and/or documents can save you from getting into trouble. For example, if you're ever stopped by a police officer when you're driving, having your updated license and vehicular registration can prevent getting fined, having your vehicle taken away, or being detained for the night. Or, if you find yourself in a car accident, having the contact information of your insurance agency handy will allow you to get the help you need to deal with the sticky situation in a smoother way. Whatever the case, here are a few of the information and documents you should probably keep close by when you're driving around:
  • your insurance papers and/or information
  • an updated version of your license
  • an updated version of your vehicle's registration
  • the contact information of trustworthy friends and/or relatives
  • the contact information of a reliable mechanic
  • the contact information of the authorities
  • your vehicle's owner's manual

A Few Random Items

Last but not least, it's also necessary that you have a few miscellaneous items in your vehicle, so they're nearby if they're ever needed.  Keep in mind, however, that while it's smart to have some random things in your vehicle, this doesn't mean that you should have a messy car filled with objects you'll never need. Doing so can actually interfere with your vehicle's performance and increase your gas consumption, so keep your vehicle light. As for the items you should probably have in your vehicle, go through the following list:
  • an umbrella
  • a lighter
  • a pair of scissors
  • emergency cash
  • a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • tissues
  • a change of clothes and a jacket
  • a flashlight
  • batteries

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