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Are you aware of why driving at night is more dangerous? If you don't, this post by Superior Synthetics LLC in Clintonville will tell you the main reasons why it's riskier to drive after dark and what you can do to stay safe on the road.  

We all know that driving can be dangerous and that there are many situations that can lead to an accident. Distracted driving, road rage, vehicular malfunctions, shoddy roads, the weather, among other factors, all play a part in why driving can be a risky activity to engage in. However, driving at night comes with even more dangers, and you have to be aware of them to remain as safe as possible. If you want to learn why driving at night is riskier and what you can do to avoid those hazards, the post below will share some information on the matter.

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Why Driving at Night is More Dangerous

Decreased Visibility

Of course, the first reason why driving at night can be riskier than driving during the day is that you (as well as the other drivers on the road) aren't able to see as well. This means that you can't spot the changing situations on the road effectively, which could result in an accident. When it's dark out, you depend on the street lights and vehicles' headlights to see better. But what happens when those light sources aren't working correctly? And what about bodies or objects that don't emit light that could appear in front of you in the street? Moreover, while lights are great, sometimes they can blind you, which is extremely problematic. To stay safe despite the darkness, you have to maintain your vehicle effectively so that the battery and lights will work correctly. Likewise, you should employ your lights properly so you can see and be seen. The windshield should be clean and in top shape, and you should be wearing corrective glasses if necessary. But above all, you must keep your attention on the road at all times.

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Sleepy Drivers

If you follow a regular routine, you probably sleep during the night and stay awake during the day. Most people do. This means you start to feel tired and sleepy as the day progresses and the sun goes down. And this is another reason why driving at night can be more dangerous: the likelihood of drivers (and even yourself) falling asleep behind the wheel increases dramatically. When you're asleep, you're unconscious, meaning you're in no position to be handling heavy machinery. Moreover, when you're extremely tired (even if you aren't asleep), your senses, judgment, reaction times, and motor functions are impaired. To stay safe from drowsy driving, you have to follow healthy sleeping habits and avoid driving when it's late. If you're feeling drowsy behind the wheel, your best bet is to stop to rest or to have someone else drive for you. Do not trust caffeinated or sugary beverages to keep you up.

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Drunk or High Drivers

Something that you should never ever do is driving while drunk or high. Being under the influence means that you can't notice or judge situations effectively and that you can't react to them properly. Moreover, your motor functions and your reaction time are also less-than-ideal. Even with all of that knowledge, it's not uncommon to find drivers who are drunk or high, especially at night. As you know, parties and other events usually occur during the nighttime, where people drink alcohol or use other substances. If you've been out and are drunk or night (whether at night or during the day), you should not drive. You can wait to sober up or have a sober person drive you to where you want to go. You can also use the bus, train, taxi, or another mode of transportation to avoid driving and putting yourself and others in danger.

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