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We all know that driving in the rain can be dangerous. However, what steps do you have to take if you have no choice but to drive through harsh conditions? If you're wondering this yourself, the post below is just what you need!

How to Drive Safely When it Rains

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition

It's always recommended that you notice the issues with your vehicle, fix them as soon as possible, and that you take your vehicle in for regular inspections with a professional mechanic. However, if you know that you'll be driving in the rain, this is especially important, because you should be able to trust in your vehicle's abilities when the conditions aren't ideal. For example, if you want your engine to continue driving you, even when it's pouring, you should maintain it with a synthetic oil change using the best synthetic oil in Bear Creek. Call Superior Synthetics LLC in Bear Creek at (715) 823-6525 to get your hands on the highest quality products for your vehicle's maintenance.

Pay Extra Attention to the Road

It should go without saying that driving requires all of your attention. After all, you should be fully alert in case a situation arises in which you need to act quickly and appropriately. Since rain makes things even more difficult on the road, it's even more crucial that you pay attention to your surroundings. This means not driving when you're distracted, under the influence, or drowsy.

Make Use of Your Wipers

You rely on your eyes in order to drive safely and reach your destination without much of a hassle, but what happens when your sight is disrupted by big rain drops? If you want to be able to see the road, use your windshield wipers to wipe away the rainwater. But first, make sure that they are working as expected and replace them when the time comes.

Employ the Lights in Your Vehicle

Tied up to the point above, you should make it easier for yourself to see, and make it easier for others to see you when you're on the road. For that reason, you should employ your headlights, even if it's daytime. Not only that, but you should use your blinkers and hazard lights as you see appropriate, so you can let the other drivers know your intentions and prepare them for them.

Don't Forget About the "Defrost" Option

Chemistry doesn't forget about you when it's raining. On the contrary, an interesting chemical process takes place when the temperature outside your vehicle is lower than in the inside, which results in your windows and windshield getting cloudy. If you don't want to have an accident because of chemistry, use the "defrost" option in your vehicle.

Drive Slower than Usual

Obviously, if it's raining, that means the road is wet, and when the road is wet, your vehicle doesn't have the same traction or adherence to it. For that reason, it's imperative that you drive at a slower pace than normal, so you can give your vehicle a better chance of following your commands and keeping you out of car wrecks.

Keep Your Distance

As mentioned above, your vehicle won't respond as it normally does because the floor is wet and the tires don't have the same grip on it. That's why another safety measure you should take is allow more distance between you and the objects, people, and drivers around you. This way, if the vehicle in front of you stops suddenly, you'll have a bigger range to halt safely.

Do Not Splash

Probably one of the most annoying things a vehicle can do when it's raining is splash the vehicles and people around. However, this is not only annoying, but it can be incredibly dangerous as well because you blind the other drivers, even for a few seconds. Even though it's not always possible to avoid splashing, do your best, and do not speed for that same reason.

Stay Away from Flooded Areas

It's common sense that you should stay away from sections of the road that are flooded. After all, you never know just how deep the water is (which could mean big trouble for your vehicle), or what's hiding under it (e.g. a big hole on the ground). If you absolutely have to drive through a flooded area, go at it slowly, but do not stop, so you can keep water out of your vehicle's components.

Seek Shelter if Necessary

As a last tip, it's highly suggested that you pull over or search for a place to stop and seek shelter if the rain is getting too intense, of if you're not feeling up for the task of driving in the rain. It's best to wait it out than to expose yourself to the harsh weather conditions and potentially get in an accident because of them.

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